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Llyn Gwynant

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Llyn Gwynant

At ⅘ mile long and about 400 yards wide, Llyn Gwynant is one of North Wales's larger lakes. Fed by the Afon Glaslyn, it's very popular for swimming, paddle-boarding and kayaking. The A498 runs along the south side, and some space for parking is available. There is a small 'beach' area, here and on a hot day the temptation for a swim is irresistable. At the eastern end of the lake is the Llyn Gwnant campsite, which has a good-size 'beach' area. Because of its idyllic location it's very popular, and at night the smoke from camp-fires and barbecues fills the air.

On the north side of the lake, Elephant Rock protrudes into the lake. It's about 360 yards from the A498 if you fancy a swim, or alternatively a good footpath runs from the rear of the campsite along the lake's north shore. The rock is a good place to sit and admire the views by day, or the stars at night.

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