Complete List of 503 Beaches in Wales

Bounded on three sides by the sea, Wales has all kinds of beaches to choose from, and if you know where to look, it's possible to have a beach to yourself - even on the busiest of bank holidays. For the purposes of this list, I have included all beaches which have a name, provided they're not so small, rocky or muddy as to be of little interest. The beaches listed here include the numerous small coves of Anglesey and the Llyn Peninsula, as well as those within MoD sites. Using this criteria,

There are approximately 503 beaches in Wales.

For full details and images of these, see my book "The Beaches of Wales" - link at bottom of page. Hover on name to show location.


South-east Wales
(93 Beaches)

Barry IslandBarry Island
Bullslaughter BayBullslaughter Bay

(116 Beaches)

Traeth BachTraeth Bach

(43 Beaches)


(96 Beaches)

Hell's MouthHell's Mouth
Bull BayBull Bay

Anglesey & the
Northern Coast
(155 Beaches)

Porth y PostPorth y Post
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