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Abbotsbury Beach

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Abbotsbury Beach

The Dorset village of Abbotsbury is better known for its Swannery rather than its beach. The shingle ridge which has been running from west to east becomes separated from the coast just east of Abbotsbury, and continues towards Portland (in the distance - above) as the Chesil Beach. Ocean currents have graded the pebbles, from small pea-size at this end to grapefruit-sized at Portland. On the landward side of Chesil Beach is the lagoon of brackish water known as the Fleet.

A P&D car park with toilets and a small cafe is located just behind the shore, and reached along the lane for Abbotsbury Swannery. It's a popular spot with local fishermen, but there are strong cross currents especially if there's any surf so swimming is not advisable. Dogs are allowed at all times. Note that removing stones from Chesil Beach is not allowed.

Looking west
Looking west
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