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Clevedon Beach

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Clevedon Beach

Clevedon is a Victorian seaside resort on the Severn estuary, and gives the impression of being very much a retirement haven. Its beach is nothing to shout about, consisting of a few patches of shingle with mud lower down and a marine lake. The sea is of a muddy brown colour and currents make it unsuitable for swimming, even if you wanted to. At the eastern end is Clevedon Pier (340 yards long), from where pleasure cruises depart in summer for trips along the coast and across to south Wales on the Waverley paddle steamer and the Balmoral. Dog restrictions apply on the beach from May to September inclusive.

Facilities at Clevedon include cafes and restaurants, toilets, tennis courts, P&D car parks as well as some free roadside parking. The town centre is difficult to find if you don't know where to look, and signposting is bad. If you're after good beaches it's a place worth avoiding.

The Marine lake
The Marine lake
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Name : David
Date : 25/8/2020
Comment : You underestimate the Marine Lake at Clevedon: usually great swimming and lovely views across to Wales.
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