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Sunrise : 05:25
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Berrow Sands

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Berrow Sands

Berrow Sands is a part of a 6½ mile long sandy beach reaching from Burnham-on-Sea to Brean Down. The shore is fine sand at the top, backed by dunes. Lower down, the beach is deep mud, and signs warn against venturing too far down. Swimming is only allowed for approximately 2 hours either side of high tide - at other times a red flag is flown. The sea is a consistent muddy brown colour, and uninviting. The remains of the Norwegian barque, the SS Nornen, wrecked in 1897, can be seen to the south at low tide.

Behind the dunes is the coast road, with numerous paths across the dunes to the beach. Lifeguards and Beach Wardens patrol in summer. Dogs are allowed at all times, but must be kept under control. Parking is on the sand, and vehicles must adhere to the 15 mph speed limit. Motor cycles and learner drivers are not allowed. The gate onto the beach is open from 09.00 until 20.00 daily during summer.

Facilities here include toilets, drinking water and a pub / restaurant. There are numerous camp sites and holiday parks in the vicinity.

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Name : Pam Lutwyche
Date : 29/10/2020
Comment : With the sand dancing and swirling, the wind playing the tune, the crash of the waves and seagulls flying low over the dunes. Here in Berrow, down by the sea, the sun sparkles on the water. When the sea is free there is a skeleton of a ship that lies stuck in the sands from one stormy night of long ago - SS Nornen Over. One hundred and twenty years it has lay there in the mud showing its bones to all. Just a reminder of the might of the sea, telling the people 'Beware of me'. It's a wonderful very long walk along Berrow beach which is dog friendly. There is the Seagull Inn, bar and grill. You can get to the Ocean bar for food and drink, a warm welcome awaits, carry on and a skeleton ship - the SS Nornen lies in the sand, just up by the Sundowner restaurant and bar. You can see two islands in the sea - Steep Holm and Flat Holm. In the distance you can see Hinkley point B nuclear power station.
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